To me dancing is an expression of joy and beauty.  From my childhood I had loved dancing and had been involved in the arts, ballet, modern dance, jazz, tap, and theater.  After raising my kids, as an ‘Empty Nester’ I decided I needed something stimulating and challenging for myself again.  I investigated to see what I could do as an adult in the line of dancing.  I had the good fortune to discover private Ballroom Dance lesson opportunities with the excellent former champions Vitaliy and Lyuda right here in Charlotte.

They own this studio, and train their students for competition ballroom dancing, if the student wishes it. The concept of Pro-Am competition dancing, that is professional teacher with amateur student, was new to me.  The learning experience, taking private and group lessons with Vitaliy and Lyuda is very stimulating and invaluable to me.  Not only do they excel in their dancing, more importantly, they excel in teaching, always in pursuit of their individual student’s progress.  Practicing and dancing with Vitaliy makes me strive to reach higher.  Like he once told me, dancing is really the closest thing to flying.  And what joy to fly!


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