Virginia State Dancesport Championships

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Congratulations to Bonnie Stafford with her accomplishments at the Virginia State Dancesport Championships.  Bonnie, along with her professional partner Vitaliy Vvdovichenko, placed 1st in the Open Latin Challenge as well as 1st and 2nd places in Standard Silver Challenge.

Atlanta Open Dancesport 2014

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Thank you to everyone dancing in the Atlanta Open Dancespot 2014.  What a wonderful trip full of dancing and good time.   All of our students had awesome performances.

Elisabeth Wixson – 1st Places in Silver Level. Latin & Standard Single Dance division.  Latin & Standard Scholarship division.

Loretta Lutman – 3rd Places in Silver Level.  Latin & Standard Single Dance division.  Latin & Standard Scholarship division.

George Lutman – 1st and 2nd Places in in Silver Level. Latin & Standard Single Dance division.

Paul Bass – 1st and 2nd Places in Silver Level. Latin and Standard Single Dance division.

Tim Creech – 1st and 2nd Places in Bronze Level.  Latin and Standard Single Dance division.

Tracy Shoff – 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Places in Bronze Level.  Latin & Standard Single Dance division.  Latin & Standard Scholarship division.

Gladys Ann Wells – 1st, 2d, and 3rd Places in Newcomers Bronze Level.  Latin & Standard Single Dance division.  Latin & Standard Scholarship division.

Bonnie Stafford -1st and 3rd Places in Silver Level. Latin & Standard Single Dance division.  Latin & Standard Scholarship division.

Dancin’ in the Clover – Union County 4-H Foundation

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Congratulations to Colette Bromfield and Jason Manus for placing 2nd in the Union County 4-H Foundation Dancin’ in the Clover.

What a great way to show off your stuff and raise money for a good cause.

Dancing Is Great For Couples

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Dancing can offer a new form of Communication and Romance

ballroom from above

Most people think of dance as a sequence of steps that you learn and repeat.  That is only partially true. It’s important to know the steps and patterns, but it is just as important for men to learn how to lead and for women to learn how to follow.  There’s technique to this, but at the heart of it is old-fashioned communication. The man must express himself clearly and the woman must learn to listen for the signals and respond accordingly.  When a couple is communicating without words and with only shifts in body weight from one foot to the other or a turn of the torso, lift of the arm, it is a beautiful thing on many levels.  It’s also really romantic.  Coincidentally, although you may be focusing on other reasons for learning to dance, romance is often a side benefit.


Benefits of Ballroom Dancing

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chris and roz one knee dip

Physical Health 

Dancing, a low-impact aerobic activity, improves your cardiovascular system.

Your muscles get more tone as you use all of your major muscle groups, burning calories in the process.

You gain greater flexibility, agility, strength, & balance while encouraging good posture & body alignment.

Expression & Confidence

Discover a new passion and joy in your life at any age.

Confidence learned on the dance floor will translate to every other aspect of your life.

Surround yourself with creative, energetic people who make learning very rewarding.

2014 Winter Showcase

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argentine tango legs

Ballantyne Ballroom presents our 2014 Winter Showcase.  Join us for a night of wonderful and exciting show dancing.  From the Viennese Waltz to the Cha Cha, we’ve got it all.

Where: Ballantyne Ballroom

When: Saturday, January 25th 2014

Time: 7:30pm (doors open at 7pm)

Cost: $15 per person


Holiday Clasic 2013

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1 holiday classic 2014

Congratulations to Bonnie Stafford and Loretta Lutman for doing so well at Holiday Classic over the weekend. Both ladies had a lot of 1st, 2nds, and 3rds in their single dances. Loretta dancing Silver Standard and Latin and Bonnie dancing Silver Standard and Open Gold Latin.

Congratulations to Ohio Star Ball Participants

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Please help us congratulate all participants who attended the Ohio Star Ball.  We are so proud of everyone.

Bob Leas – 2nd in Scholarship Divisions

George Lutman – 3rd in all Single Dance Divisions

Tim Creech – Made the finals in both Silver and Bronze

Paul Bass – All 1st places in Single Dance Divisions and 2nd places in Bronze Championships

Ohio Star Ball Championships 2013

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We are so excited to announce that Paul Bass, Tim Creech, Bob Leas, George Lutman, and their instructor Lyuda Borodulina will be representing Ballantyne Ballroom at this years’ Ohio Star Ball.  They will be heading out November 19th to bring home the gold.


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Ballantyne Ballroom is happy to announce that now have a new Twitter account.  Stay up to date with the latest here at Ballantyne Ballroom.  You may find us at or by searching for Ballantyne Ballroom.

Also, be looking for our monthly video posts to be coming soon.