Dancing Is Great For Couples

By Dance Studio | March, 20, 2014 | 0 comments

Dancing can offer a new form of Communication and Romance

ballroom from above

Most people think of dance as a sequence of steps that you learn and repeat.  That is only partially true. It’s important to know the steps and patterns, but it is just as important for men to learn how to lead and for women to learn how to follow.  There’s technique to this, but at the heart of it is old-fashioned communication. The man must express himself clearly and the woman must learn to listen for the signals and respond accordingly.  When a couple is communicating without words and with only shifts in body weight from one foot to the other or a turn of the torso, lift of the arm, it is a beautiful thing on many levels.  It’s also really romantic.  Coincidentally, although you may be focusing on other reasons for learning to dance, romance is often a side benefit.


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